Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia

Motorcycle helmets are important and play a crucial role in riding and crashes. This is why helmets are mandatory by law across the world. But when it comes to claustrophobia it becomes tricky because you need to choose the right helmet. However, you can never compromise and ride without a helmet even if you have the issues of claustrophobia. A rider without an appropriate safety-certified helmet can land in serious legal complications and penalize heavily. Above all, motorcycle riding without a helmet is potentially risky as it may lead to crashes and death or serious head or brain injuries.

Motorcycle accidents are more devastating than other accidents on the roads. As per NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) statistics, 80% of victims of motorcycle crashes die or get severe injuries in comparison to 20% in bus, truck, or car accidents. Many studies reveal that motorcycle fatalities in the US from 2008 to 2017 were 48728 which come to around 4800 deaths per year. This is 14% of the total accidents on US roads. As per CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) motorcycle helmets, especially the DOT or SNELL-certified helmets reduce 37% of motorcycle fatalities and 69% of head injuries in crashes.

In the year 2015, 1,772 lives got saved due to helmets whereas 740 people could have survived if they wore helmets. Similarly, in 2016, CDC says that 1859 people survived because of the helmets and an additional 802 people could save their life if they wore helmets. 

Nevertheless, the relevance of helmets and safety becomes complex when it comes to claustrophobia. On one hand, you have to wear a helmet to save your life. On the other hand, the problem of claustrophobia has the potential of causing a crash for a rider. At this juncture, you need to beyond debate wear a helmet while riding and at the same time look for remedies that can reduce claustrophobia to ensure safety. Know about claustrophobia and how to tackle claustrophobia while riding and the helmets that can protect you from claustrophobia below.

What is Claustrophobia and How Does it Affect You While Riding?

Claustrophobia is a kind of anxiety disorder that can sometimes lead to panic attacks leading to fear cramped. In simple words, claustrophobia is a fearful state of mind for which the victim of the disorder desperately tries to save himself or herself by hiding in an elevator or crowded rooms, tunnels, etc. It is exactly like needle phobia where the affected people get severely afraid of injection. 

There are various types of phobias that happen when a certain region in the brain called the amygdala gets overreacted with something. This eventually leads to immense fear in the person. Claustrophobia is some sort of dying fear or a feeling of something that leads to a disaster. This can happen for many reasons and the fear can intensify to any extent. The common symptoms of claustrophobia are sweating, shortness of breathing, dizziness, trembling, etc.

What are you going to do if you are suffering from claustrophobia? Are you going to abandon the helmet and ride without a helmet which is even more deadly? People with claustrophobia can wear a helmet and ride provided they choose a suitable helmet. Half-helmets are considered best for riders who suffer from claustrophobia but half-helmets do not ensure maximum safety. You can still choose a full-face helmet that snugly fits your head and has adequate features to reduce wind and noise and provides adequate comfort and peace of mind. Following are the 10 best helmets for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia?

10 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Claustrophobia

#1. Bell Bullitt Helmet – Best Overall

Bell Bullitt Helmet
Editor Rating: 9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.2

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This medium-sized sleek motorcycle helmet has been trending in the market since July 2019 and is a BELL brand product manufactured by Vista Outdoor Sales LLC. The name of the model of this helmet is “Bullitt” and the product is designed and featured for multipurpose motorcycling categories. The color of the helmet is bolt glass black and white. The product gives a marvelous vintage look for the riders especially for people who are crazy about looking modern and robust.

The Bell Bullitt helmet is DOT-certified and features everything that is required for your head and brain safety. The external shield as well as the interior structure of the helmet are strong enough to withstand any amount of shock and last long. The manufacturer provides a five-year warranty on the product. The helmet is made of three low-profile composite shells and its internal component is made of expanded polystyrene, leather, and mesh. 

The cheek pad of the helmet is made of genuine leather and incorporated with integrated speaker pockets. The product comes with an installed clear flat shield and features an effective ventilation system with metal chin vents and mesh vents on the forehead. This feature ensures that cool air enters over the head of the rider and exhausts through the rear vents.

The interior of the helmet is removable and you can wash it when required and replace it easily. The product meets everything that is required for an FMVSS 218 standard and fulfills the entire needs of the riders in terms of both perfect protection and classic appearance.


  • The Bell Bullitt model looks an inch smaller than other helmets for a sleek fit and is best for riders with claustrophobia.
  • The product is lightweight, just perfect at 4.24 pounds.
  • The helmet is perfectly made to withstand the wind and does not move by the speed of the wind provided it fits you snugly.
  • The helmet is wide enough to provide adequate peripheral vision.
  • Very good airflow to make your trip comfortable.


  • The product lacks features like a transitional shield option.
  • A bit tighter in new.
  • You may feel your hair down on your forehead which may be annoying for some.
  • It is a retro helmet and is not very effective when it comes to noise. The noise does not affect much when at 40 mph but can be potentially annoying and uncomfortable beyond that.

#2. FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet – Best for Dual Visor

FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 8.8/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.1

Check Price on Online Stores:

This Bluetooth-incorporated flip-up modular full-face helmet with model number BM2-S is from the FreedConn brand manufactured by Freedconn. You can use this product for riding motorcycles as well as for skiing and snowmobiling. This white Freedconn product is equipped with a 3.0 version of Bluetooth that can keep you connected with a music player, cell phone, and GPS.

This feature of the helmet is unique especially if you are in a team of riders and effectively and easily connect with the team up to 9 hours of intercom time, 120 hours standby, and 12 hours of phone time. The battery automatically goes to sleep mode if unused for a long time. You need to charge the battery fully for at least a month if you are not using Bluetooth for a long time. 

The operation of Bluetooth is easy and stable. You need to just use a button for answering, calling, rejecting incoming calls as well as redialing. Incoming calls override music, GPS, FM, and intercom. You can also trigger the Android or Siri voice command system. You can do this just by long-pressing the MFB button for at least 2 seconds. With a high-quality stereo system in its built-in two speakers, the Bluetooth can support three rider pairing and two riders talking within a range of up to 1640 ft or 500 m.

You should go for this helmet if you are very much annoyed by noise. The product has advanced noise suppression technology along with a DSP echo cancellation technology for the best experience. Even at high speed, Bluetooth provides the highest clarity of voice and music.

The helmet weighs only 4.05 pounds with the best ventilation mechanisms and removable cheek pads and liner. You can look for a smaller or wider liner to replace if the helmet does not snugly fit your head. This product is DOT-certified as well as CE-certified and best for riders with claustrophobia provided it fits snugly with your head. The product comes with a helmet bag, a USB cable, and gloves. However, you need to contact the manufacturer in case you need a warranty on the product.


  • Removable microfiber liner, easy for washing and cleaning.
  • Bluetooth is easily operated even with gloves.
  • The white color looks cool and slim.
  • Strongly built to withstand powerful crashes.
  • Dual visors for sunlight and shade. Easy to change the visors just by pulling through the knob and moving it up and down.
  • Excellent in terms of noise, especially the wind noise.
  • Excellent feeling of air due to the superb ventilation and vents.
  • Lightweight helmet and offers good view.


  • The back of the helmet sits a bit higher which may not feel good for some.
  • Opening the helmet may be tricky until you are accustomed to it.
  • The noise-reducing mechanism of the helmet is excellent but becomes ineffective after a couple of years.

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#3. Shoei Neotec II Metallic Anthracite Motorcycle Helmet – Editor’s Choice

Shoei Neotec II Metallic Anthracite Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 9.3/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight9.2
Value for Money9.3

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This Shoei brand of metallic anthracite color large motorcycle helmet is one of the best helmets for riders with claustrophobia. The product is from the manufacturer Shoei Neotec II and is a DOT-certified helmet with model number 0116-0117-06. One of the significant features of the helmet is its aerodynamic characteristic that ensures maximum and extensive wind-related comfort.

The helmet is considered best for safety with its dual-layer of EPS liner which provides enhanced impact absorption in crashes. The external shell of the helmet is strong enough whereas the inner component is made of expanded polystyrene that absorbs the intensity of impacts. This versatile modular helmet is trending in the market since 2011 and is popular among motorcycle riders especially because of its safety mechanisms.

Though the helmet is large it is comparatively a lightweight product weighing just 5.9 pounds. When its large and strong size indicates the enhanced security measures its light-weight indicates a comfortable ride especially on a long trip.

You should certainly go for this product if you are specific about the noise problem. With its aerodynamic technology and noise reduction mechanism, the helmet ensures a comfortable travel experience. As the helmet is large enough to provide a wider vision you can view the sides better in comparison to other helmets.


  • No buffeting even at high speed due to its excellent aerodynamic mechanism.
  • Full vision in different situations like turning the helmet by 90-degree and looking straight, flipping up the front, etc.
  • Adequately quieter in comparison to other helmets even at high speed.
  • Worth paying for the advanced features and other components.
  • Excellent quality, especially to withstand and protect the head in crashes.
  • Good for long trips.
  • Easy on and off.
  • Improved vents to ensure enhanced ventilation.


  • Comes without D rings. So, the riders may have to adjust a bit and feel the buckle on the neck initially.
  • The chin bar release should have been hidden appropriately.
  • The shield detents seem to be weaker.

#4. 1Storm Modular Dual Visor Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet – Most Lightweight

1Storm Modular Dual Visor Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight9
Value for Money9.2

Check Price on Online Stores:

Go for the 1Storm modular full-face motorcycle helmet manufactured by Power Gear Motorsports if you are suffering from claustrophobia. The product has everything in terms of technology, features, and above all comfort that will give you a pleasant ride. The helmet is approved by DOT certification and looks compact and small with a classic glossy black color. The unique Bluetooth technology incorporated in the helmet will not only reduce the stress of claustrophobia but help you in enjoying different types of motorcycling activities.

The helmet is incorporated with advanced modular technologies and comes with a spoiler and Bluetooth headset that you need to install. The product is featured with dual-lens, one external clear shield, and the other with an internal smoked lens. The Bluetooth can effectively support in and around 800 meters for 3 riders unanimously. It can further support 7 hours of intercom communication, 10 hours of telephonic conversation, and 300 hours of standby.

The advanced 3.0 technology of Bluetooth is compatible with iPads, almost all mobile phones, and GPS. The operation of this Bluetooth system is as easy as any other electronic gadget. You need to just touch a button to operate the entire activities including music, incoming and outgoing calls, FM radio, etc.

Another important feature of the helmet which reduces claustrophobia-related complications is its aerodynamic technology. It significantly regulates the wind flow in the helmet as well as the noise. The daunting noise in a helmet usually increases claustrophobia and makes the suffering acute and unbearable. Similarly, strong and direct airflow adds to the problem. The 1Storm modular helmet with its advanced aerodynamic technology can effectively protect you from claustrophobia and make your trip safe and enjoyable.


  • Has a proven record of protecting the head effectively in crashes.
  • Sleek, compact, and strong.
  • Fit for windy roads and can give a normal riding experience even at a wind speed above 60 mph.
  • Easy to install Bluetooth.
  • Excellent in terms of noise.
  • Affordable.


  • You may not get a good response in terms of customer support.
  • Must be cautious when changing from open to close options especially while riding.

#5. Scorpion EXO Covert X Black Helmet – Highest Quality

Scorpion EXO Covert X Black Helmet
Editor Rating: 9.1/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight9
Value for Money9.3

Check Price on Online Stores:

This medium size multi-configuration black helmet with the model number of Covert X and model Exo Covert X is another good helmet for claustrophobia from the manufacturer Scorpion EXO. In fact, this helmet is designed to suit various purposes. You can use it for motorcycling as well as cycling, cruiser, etc. Its EPS with an advanced multilayer mechanism absorbs the energy effectively and also channels easy and enhanced airflow.

The helmet is incorporated with several features like three different and distinct configurations of rear comfort sleeves. It works as full mode, ¾ mode as well as ½ mode as per your convenience. Similarly, the front mask of the helmet is removable.

The product is also incorporated with several vents including the forehead vent for better ventilation. The helmet has two visors, a clear visor and another tinted. Both the visors fold up and snap in place in the helmet. The visors effectively work even if the chin guard and the neck support are removed.

The overall finishing of the helmet is sleek and strong, especially the lining which is soft against the skin. The extra-thick walls of the helmet ensure perfect protection to the head in the case of crashes. The product is DOT-certified and you can use this helmet for any vehicle that needs a helmet.


  • Strong, heavy, reliable, and durable.
  • Looks awesome and comfortable especially for long trips.
  • Sturdy materials and perfect finish.
  • One in three distinct features of a full-face helmet, ¾, and half helmet.


  • A bit colder than the traditional helmets.
  • Thicker than it looks and catches wind due to its thickness.

#6. Daytona Retro Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet – Best for Comfort

Daytona Retro Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.2

Check Price on Online Stores:

This R1-B-XS model full-face helmet from the manufacturer Daytona Helmets is an X-Small size of helmet for 20.87 to 21.26 inches or 53 to 54 cm head circumference. The helmet is exclusively designed for motorcycling. This helmet is for you if you are passionate and have either a sports-bike, street bike, cruiser, chopper, or you are an adventure tourer. This helmet can even fit for riding a scooter or moped. The manufacturer claims that this is the smallest helmet ever designed with a DOT safety certification ensuring FMVSS 218 standard. The product has advanced impact-absorbing mechanisms with a nylon strap retention that releases easily and quickly.

This retro model is incorporated with two shell sizes and as many as six padding sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The features also include appropriate riding gear and headgear to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Besides this, the inner liner of the helmet is made of high-quality moisture-wicking fabric for extra cooling especially in warm weather for long trips. The external shield of the helmet is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene whereas the internal shock-absorbing shell is made of EPS or expanded polystyrene.

With its 5 different size features, you can comfortably use this R1-B-XS model if your head size is XS or S or M or L or XL or 2XL. The helmet is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic and incorporated with the latest technologies and advanced features. This makes the helmet unique especially for riders with claustrophobia.


  • Unique features like anti-fog pin-lock lens and removable shield.
  • Looks slim and sleek.
  • Light-weight and durable.
  • No pinching and hair-pulling sensations like other helmets.
  • Affordable and worth paying.


  • It may need more padding inside for some users.
  • A larger visor view would be a plus.

#7. LS2 Rapid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet – Best for Noise Reduction

LS2 Rapid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.1

Check Price on Online Stores:

This matte black 3X large “LS2 Helmets” brand motorcycle helmet is a suitable product for riders who have claustrophobia provided it fits snugly. The helmet is lightweight and incorporated with aerodynamic technology. It has further adjustable vents that allow airflow in the helmet while keeping the inside adequately ventilated. The product comes with 2 shells so that it looks compact and smaller and perfectly and snugly fits the rider. The face shield of the helmet is UV and scratch-resistant which you can remove and replace easily without using any tool. 

The comfort padding of the helmet makes it well breathable and hypoallergenic leading to comfortable riding especially on long trips. On the other hand, the neck roll design seals the opening appropriately so that wind does not enter through the openings. This ultimately and drastically minimizes the noise that is usually daunting for the riders.

You may not find any hot spots in the helmet because of the use of laser-cut 3D foam ensuring comfort as well as an awesome look. The chinstrap of the item is made appropriately to fit the rider and release easily and quickly when required. The product is DOT-certified and meets all safety standards.


  • Perfect in terms of its size. Snugly fits the head.
  • Though it is a large helmet it looks compact, slim, and awesome.
  • Gives a marvelously enhanced view. So, good for people who are passionate about sightseeing while riding.
  • Advanced mechanism to block wind flow into the helmet.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Worth paying for the safety features.


  • It may be too small for people who have a large head circumference. So, make sure to know your head size while buying the helmet.
  • May be expensive for people with a tight budget.

#8. LS2 Rapid Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet – Most Breathable

LS2 Rapid Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.1

Check Price on Online Stores:

This X-Small size compact 353-1101 model of a full-face street motorcycle helmet is an aerodynamic super light-weight product weighing just 4 pounds. This unique product has been trending in the market since January 2018 and is the first choice for riders who suffer from claustrophobia. Its advanced aerodynamic technology and adjustable vents make it a classic item ensuring head and brain safety and comfort. Besides this, this technology regulates appropriate airflow in the helmet and provides enhanced ventilation leading to a pleasant trip for the rider. Its X-Small size and lightweight characteristics contribute to the comfort for the riders, especially on a long trip.

The helmet is DOT-certified and meets or exceeds all FMVSS 218 standards. The product has two shells that provide maximum security especially in the case of possible crashes. Similarly, the face shield of the helmet is UV and scratch-resistant and can be removed and replaced easily even without the help of any tool.

In addition, the comfort padding of the item comes with an advanced mechanism and is remarkably comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The comfort padding is removable. So, you can remove it and wash it for clean and healthy wearing on your trips. The fabric used in the comfort padding is made of 50% spandex and 50% nylon ensuring durability as well as comfort. The chinstrap of the helmet releases easily and quickly.

The product is also incorporated with the latest neck roll design that seals the bottom openings of the helmet blocking wind from beneath and eliminating noise. You often find hot spots on helmets leading to discomfort and sometimes strain due to the wrong cutting of the foam.

On the other hand, laser-cut and high-quality 3D foam are used in the process of making the product to ensure a high level of comfort and no awkward feeling even after hours of wearing the helmet. Above all, this is perfectly affordable and costs only around $ 100 which is far less than the contemporary motorcycle helmets from other brands in the market.  


  • Compact, small, and super lightweight, and looks cool.
  • Does not hurt your purse but is the best helmet in terms of quality, comfort, technologies, features, durability, and safety.
  • With its smaller size, it is perfect for all riders who are passionate about style, especially the ladies.
  • Presenting this item as a gift to your wife or GF is a marvelous idea.
  • Perfect noise management features that reduce noise remarkably.
  • Can be used for different vehicles like a sports bike, cruiser, etc.


  • In a few cases, some customers experienced bubble spots and clear coat issues.
  • Comes with only one clear face shield.
  • The level of glow is a bit less.
  • It’s a bit foggy.

#9. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Unisex-Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet – Great for Claustrophobic

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Unisex-Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.2

Check Price on Online Stores:

This matte black color small and unique helmet with BELL brand model number 7049222 manufactured by Vista Outdoor Sales LLC is for multi-vehicle use such as sport and street riding, ATV, scooter, street bike, including all types of motorcycle. The helmet is super lightweight weighing only 3.5 pounds and gives you an excellent riding experience. The shell of this product is constructed with an advanced high-quality ABS/polycarbonate and is strong enough to withstand the shock in crashes. 

The manufacturer has used a FlowAdjust ventilation mechanism in the product for easy and regulated airflow into the helmet. Similarly, the helmet comes with NutraFog II UV-resistant face shield that releases quickly just with a click. Besides this, the shield is also easily removable. You can remove and replace it without the help of any tool.

However, if you watch the product through an online video or image it shows with a tinted shield which is in fact optional. The product comes with a clear shield and you can add the tinted shield while buying the helmet. Eventually, this helmet is an excellent product for riders who suffer from claustrophobia.


  • Excellent noise reduction mechanism.
  • Remarkably light-weight with just 3.5 pounds because of its light-weight fiberglass shell construction.
  • Anti-fog coating and anti-bacterial liner.
  • A life-saving helmet in terms of its efficiency, technology, and features.
  • Affordable and worth paying.


  • Check the padding near the chin while buying or while receiving it during delivery. It may occasionally pop out due to various problems.
  • You may be a bit dissatisfied with the top vents due to their filmy look.
  • Buying an optional tinted shield may annoy you.

#10. Shoei RF-1400 TC-5 Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet – Best for Pinlock Visor

Shoei RF-1400 TC-5 Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet
Editor Rating: 8.9/10
FeatureRating (out of 10)
Light Weight8.8
Value for Money9.1

Check Price on Online Stores:

This large Tc-5 color Rf-1400 model (model number 0101-1605-06) helmet from the Shoei brand is a super strong and extra-safe product appropriate for riders who have claustrophobia. The product is specifically designed for tough riding men and preferably for ATVs. The helmet is beyond debate excellent for long and crowded roads as the design of this product ensures perfect protection in probable crashes. The item is DOT-certified and meets or exceeds the FMVSS 218 standard.

The RF-1400 Shoei helmet is known for its extraordinary noise management feature leading to a perfectly quieter ride. Shoei is a reputed manufacturer existing since 1958 in the market and it is more than 30 years since the company is supplying motorcycle helmets to the riders.

The manufacturer has included advanced mechanisms in RF-1400 in comparison to their older version of helmets, especially to reduce noise. The wind flow is the primary contributor to noise and this version of the Shoei helmet can effectively reduce 6% wind flow in the lift and 4% in drag.

This ultimately reduces fatigue as well as ensures comfort to the rider. Similarly, advanced aerodynamic technology of the helmet ensures enhanced air-flow management leading to a drastic reduction of noise in the helmet. In addition, the manufacturer has included an improved version of the visor that allows the wind to pass through quietly so that the helmet becomes noiseless. Vents positioned in the visor also play a key role to make the helmet quieter

The helmet comes with 4 different shell sizes and its intermediate oval shape should fit almost all riders. The external shell of the helmet is made of organic fiber and fiberglass which is not only strong but also elastic and light-weight. The inner layer of the helmet is made of EPS and has advanced and enhanced impact absorption capacity.

The face shield of the product is designed with a new CWR-F2 mechanism and incorporates a center-locking system. This makes the user easily and quickly remove the helmet. The face shield is also incorporated with a new shield adjustment system by which you can partially open the face shield for defogging. Besides this, this mechanism offers 99% UV protection for the rider.


  • The 3D Max dry system II in the inner comfort liner ensures maximum comfort for the riders.
  • A removable and washable interior comfort liner makes it more user-friendly.
  • The helmet has anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties.
  • The product with its nylon fabric dissipates and absorbs the sweat faster than other helmets.
  • Pinlock visor ensures wider vision and clear view.


  • The center-locking system in the face shield is hard and inconvenient especially while using gloves.
  • The visor may leak in heavy rain.
  • Comparatively heavier.

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How to Buy a Helmet that is Good for Claustrophobia?

You should never just pick up any motorcycle helmet and wear it on a trip if you have claustrophobia. This can be potentially dangerous in terms of a panic attack. You should do small exercises to get accustomed to helmets. Start with keeping your head in confined spaces or try wearing the helmet for some time. When you feel that you can wear a helmet then think of getting a suitable helmet and do the following things to get a suitable helmet for you.

  • Take a note of the above helmet brands and do online research to find more details on the helmet, especially their features, technology, and pros and cons. Determine which helmet can provide you maximum safety, comfort, ease of use, and mental stability.
  • Ask one of your friends to measure your head. You can also measure yourself in front of a mirror. Your head should fall under either of the categories of (1) round oval, (2) long oval, and (3) intermediate oval heads. Following are the details of helmet sizes for different types of head circumference.

1) X-Small size of ATV helmets for 20.87 to 21.26 inches or 53 to 54 cm of head circumference.

2) Small size of ATV helmets for 21.65 to 22.05 inches or 55 to 56 cm of head circumference.

3) Medium size of ATV helmets for 22.44 to 22.83 inches or 57 to 58 cm of head circumference.

4) Large size of ATV helmets for 23.23 to 23.62 inches or 59 to 60 cm of head circumference.

5) X-Large size of ATV helmets for 24.02 to 24.41 inches or 61.62 cm of head circumference.

6) 2X Large size of ATV helmets for 24.8 to 25.2 inches or 63 to 64 cm of head circumference.

7) 3X Large size of ATV helmets for 25.6 to 26 inches or 65 to 66 cm of head circumference.

8) 4X Large size of ATV helmets for 26.4 to 26.8 inches or 67 to 68 cm of head circumference.

9) 5X Large size of ATV helmets for 27 to 27.5 inches or 69 to 70 cm of head circumference.

  • Ask the salesman to show you the size of the helmets that are the same as your head size and shape.
  • Test the helmet by wearing it and ensure the following things.
  • The cheek pads should rest on your cheeks comfortably.
  • Push the chin piece in the case of a full-face helmet. The face shield must not touch your nose and chin.
  • The neck roll of the helmet should not push against the neck. It should rather sit pleasantly at the backside of your neck.
  • Look for the pressure points and examine if they are comfortable. 
  • Despite the gap between the chin strap and your throat and chin, you should feel tighter enough when you fasten the chin strap. 
  • Try to roll the helmet off the head smoothly by slightly leaning forward. it should not move if it fits you perfectly.
  • Move your head sideways and up and down and shake it. The helmet should not move, rather the helmet should move with your skin.
  • The helmet should not feel tight around your forehead. However, there should not be any room in between the helmet and your forehead. Check with your forehead after wearing it for a while. If you find red spots on the forehead or near the eyebrows then this helmet does not fit you snugly.
  • Wear the helmet for half an hour and do some activities like watching the TV, reading anything like newspapers or magazines, moving around, etc. If you start feeling uncomfortable, strained, headache, or anything uneasy, then this may not be the right helmet for you.
  • If the helmet fits snugly and you feel comfortable after wearing it for half an hour then it is the right helmet for you. You can in the beginning reveal to the salesperson that you suffer from claustrophobia so that they will cooperate with you and show you the right helmet.

Remember, a snugly fit motorcycle helmet is the primary remedy for riders who have claustrophobia. So, your helmet should neither be too loose or too big nor too tight or small. However, most new helmets initially feel a bit tighter but fit you after a while. Helmets fit better as you continue using them. Nevertheless, you must not choose a too-tight helmet thinking that it will lose after you use it for a while. It may not lose as expected and eventually, it may never solve your purpose, especially the claustrophobia.

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