Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia

Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia

Motorcycle helmets are important and play a crucial role in riding and crashes. This is why helmets are mandatory by law across the world. But when it comes to claustrophobia it becomes tricky because you need to choose the right helmet. However, you can never compromise and ride without a helmet even if you have … Read more

What Is the Difference Between an ATV Helmet and A Motorcycle Helmet?

ATV Helmet

Helmets come in different types, sizes, designs, and for different purposes or to protect the head in different circumstances. The only objective or the sole purpose of a helmet is to protect your head and brain from injuries especially in accidents. As per the US Department of Transportation-National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-NHTSA 80% of motorcycle accident … Read more

How to Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet?

Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet

An appropriate motorcycle helmet is essential to save you from accidents and an action camera is vital in saving you from allegations. In fact, there are numerous advantages of motorcycle action cameras besides playing a central role in crashes. If you are a rider and ride frequently, you cannot claim that you will never meet … Read more

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

Fit Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is extremely important as it protects your head and the brain, especially in an accident. But a helmet that is too small or tight and too big or loose can lead to causing a crash instead of saving you in accidents. So, you must ensure that the helmet fits your head perfectly … Read more

How To Know If Your Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small?

Small Motorcycle Helmet

Your helmet must not be too tight or smaller to make your riding safe and comfortable. Similarly, it should not be also too loose or bigger leading to many problems including motorcycle crashes. You need to use a safety-certified helmet that perfectly fits your head which means neither small nor big to ensure protection, especially … Read more

How To Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter?

Make Your Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

Indeed, making your helmet quieter not only shows that you are a noise-health-conscious personality but also makes your trip pleasant and safe. Noise, especially helmet-related noise is daunting and it distracts your attention leading to crashes. Motorcycle crashes are more disastrous than bus, truck, and car accidents. As per NHTSA (US Department of Transportation-National Highway Traffic Safety … Read more

How to Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visor

As a safety-certified helmet is extremely important for a rider so also, its different components or parts. For example, parts like the external shell, energy-absorbing liner, comfort padding, the retention mechanism including the helmet visor, etc. are equally and extremely important. Each part of a motorcycle helmet contributes to the safety of the rider immensely.  … Read more

How Tight Should a Motorcycle Helmet be?

Tight Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet should just fit your head and be neither tight nor loose. Some riders wrongly judge saying “the tighter the helmet the better” and some “a bit loose feels better”. Both are wrong. Remember, the level of safety a helmet provides depends on how perfectly it fits. Helmets originated not with motorcycles but … Read more

How to Clean Motorcycle Helmet Pads?

Clean Motorcycle Helmet Pads

Motorcycle helmets play a crucial role especially when the riders meet with accidents. Accidents are unpredictable and a rider despite being extremely cautious can never guarantee to reach the destination unharmed or without any accident. On the other hand, motorcycles are the first choice of people for transportation both for long and short distances for … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Motorcycle Helmets?

Acrylic Paint on Motorcycle Helmets

Many motorcycle riders are fascinated about painting their helmets for many reasons and helmet painting often results in numerous advantages. An acrylic-painted helmet not only looks cool but acrylic is one of the best paints for your helmet for several reasons. However, before straightaway jumping into helmet painting, you should know a few important things … Read more